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Rosé wine

The principle :

  • Transforming grape juice into alcohol without losing its delicate aromas. 
  • There are two vinification methods: early pressing which gives paler wines, and bleeding, with longer maceration periods, giving wines that are darker in colour.

1 Destemming

Destemming separates the grapes from their stems, which could inject an unpleasant grassy taste to the wine. The grapes are not always destemmed, however, as stems make pressing easier.

2 Crushing

The purpose of crushing is to open the grapes and thus facilitate fermentation and the flow of aromas from the skin into the pulp.

3 Macerating the skins

For bled rosés the must has to macerate in a vat for between 2 and 20 hours at temperatures kept between16°C and 20°C. This stage thoroughly blends the pigments and aromas contained in the skin with the juice, and determines the colour of the future rosé wine.

3b Pressing

For rosés that go straight to the press, i.e. with no prior maceration, the pale juice is then set to ferment.

4 Alcoholic fermentation

The juice is left to ferment at a low temperature (18 to 20°C) for between 10 and 14 days in order to conserve as many of its aromas as possible.

5 Blending

The winegrower and the oenologist do the blending to create the wine and give it homogeneity. The objective is to choose grape varieties that increase the wine’s complexity and aromatic richness. The blend is the winegrower’s signature, reflecting his sensitivities as well as jealously guarded know-how. The blend varies from year to year, giving the wine its character.

6 Maturation

Maturation is an important phase during which a certain number of components in the wine will combine to give a richer beverage that is more pleasing to drink. Maturation takes place in a vat, not a barrel, in order to conserve all of the young wine’s fruitiness. This phase also clarifies the wine, eliminating deposits and lees.

7 Bottling

At the end of the maturation phase, the wine is bottled in very strict conditions of hygiene. It may be filtered beforehand.




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