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Video wins award at Film Festival

A fabulous film, produced by FranceAgrimer and featuring French wines and vineyards, wins award at Oenovideo International Film Festival

FranceAgriMer is a national authority for agricultural and marine products; it provides a forum for discussion and arbitration, is a source of economic expertise and manages support activities for the French agricultural and fisheries industry.

One of FranceAgriMer’s functions is to run umbrella campaigns promoting French wines on the export market. Their purpose is to raise awareness of the diversity of French wines, stressing how modern and accessible they are. The message is that these are “Wines with Style.”   A range of wines, a range of styles – there’s always a French wine for every style, one that’s perfect for every occasion. It’s thanks to FranceAgriMer, for example, that you are being deluged with appetising nuggets of information about French wines via this very website.

FranceAgriMer was also the power behind the “French Wine Trip” – an expedition for 6 European wine bloggers to the heart of the French vineyards in summer 2013. This one-of-a-kind adventure has resulted in a fascinating film which was shown at the 22nd International Oenovideo Film Festival. And – hey presto! – the film won an award in the “Best Promotional Film” category. The award was officially handed over to Laurence Gibert-Mesnil, FranceAgriMer’s Manager of Press Relations and Promotions of French Wines for Export, on 23rd September 2015 at the Palais de Luxembourg in Paris

The French Wine Trip – a journey deep into the heart of the French vineyards seen through the eyes of six bloggers from Russia, Denmark, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Produced by FranceAgriMer; Executive Producer Vinogusto; Director Lionel Daneau

In case you haven’t yet seen the film, or if you’d like to re-live the moment, ladies and gentlemen - just click on the link!




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