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Gérard Basset Master of Wine shares his top tips


Discover French Wines with Style

Top sommelier Gérard Basset OBE MW shares his tips on finding and enjoying the perfect wine for your style:


  1. Start with a wine from a region you might not have tried before and see if you like it. Then use that and any other wines you drink as a benchmark of what you like or not.


  1. It can be fun to meet regularly with friends who share the same interest. Meet in a small group and try a few different styles of French wines.


  1. Food and wine matching can be made very complicated, but it shouldn’t be. Apply a bit of common sense, but without being too worried about finding the perfect match.


  1. If you have a special and delicate bottle of a mature wine, combine it with a lovely dish, but not complicated or bold in flavours, to allow the wine to shine. After all, you wouldn’t go jogging in your evening dress or suit!


  1. On the contrary, if you’re doing a barbecue, make sure you have a wine with lots of flavours but that’s not too complicated. Don’t be too picky about the combination.


  1. Don’t be afraid to break the traditions on occasions if you want to and above all relax, enjoy and have fun!


For food and wine matching recommendations and to learn more from Gérard Basset watch French Wines with Style on YouTube



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